Bhairava - Vairavar form of Hindu God Shiva

Bhairava is one of the manifestations of Hindu God Shiva. Bhairava is also known by the name Dandapani, as he holds a Danda (rod) to punish those people who are sinful. Bhairav is a Hindu Tantric deity worshiped by Hindus.

The word Bhairava is derived from the word “bhiru”, which literally means "fearful". Bhairava means "terribly fearful form".

Quick Facts

Other names – Swaswa, Dandapani, Vairavar
Affiliation - Rudra, Shiva
Consort - Bhairavi
Vahana – Dog
Weapon - Trishula, KhaŠĻ≠vanga

Main Festival Associated - Bhairava Ashtami
Important Observances - Bhairava Ashtami
Mantra - Om Shri Kaal Bhairavaya Namaha
Associated Number – 33
Forms of Bhairava – Total 64 Bhairavas

Bhairava - Vairavar form of Hindu God Shiva

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