Chhaya or Chaya - consort of Hindu God Surya

Chaya is the consort of Hindu God Surya. Chhaya, also spelled Chaya, is a Sanskrit word which literally means "shadow" or "shade". Chhaya is regarded as the shadow-image or reflection of Saranyu (Sangya), the first wife of Surya. Saranyu created Chhaya from her shadow, as she was unable to bear the heat of Lord Surya.

 Chhaya is the mother of Lord Shani, the god of the planet Saturn.

Quick Facts

Parents - Vishwakarma
Consort - Surya or Sun God
Children - Lord Shani Dev, Tapati, Bhadra (own children)
Step-Children - Yami, Yama, Ashvins, Revanta

Affiliation - Devi, shadow of Sandhya
Abode - Suryaloka
Mantra - Om Chhayave Namah

Chhaya or Chaya - consort of Hindu God Surya

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