Ganesha - Hindu God of New Beginnings

Ganesha or Ganesh is a Sanskrit compound word Gana and Isha. Gana meaning a group. Isha meaning “lord or master”. Ganesa is the chief of Shiva's army. Ganapathi is also one of the most worshiped Gods in Hinduism. Read more info here

Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy. 
God who removes obstacles.
God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom

Other names - Ganapati, Vinayaka, Vighnaraja, Vighnesha

Symbols - Om, Modak

Abode - Mount
Parents - Shiva and Parvati 
Siblings - Muruga, Ashokasundari
Consorts - Buddhi (Intelligence), Riddhi (Prosperity), Siddhi (Attainment)

Vahana - Moosika or Mouse
Weapon - Parasu (axe), pasa (noose), aṅkuśa (elephant goad)

Ganesha chief of Shivas army Hinduism Wiki

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