Payovrata for Santana Prapthi by Goddess Aditi

Payovrata – A vrata or penance addressed to Hindu God Vishnu. The vrata should be followed by a devotee for 12 days drinking milk only.

Payovrata is also known as sarvayajna, sarvavrata. The vrata was first instructed to Kashyapa Muni by Lord Brahma, when muni inquired Brahmadeva regarding obtaining progeny.

Payovrata is the vrata or penance observed by Goddess Aditi to propitiate Lord Vishnu. Kashyapa Rishi asked his wife Aditi to observe Payovrata to propitiate Mahavishnu. Pleased by Payovrata Lord Vishnu take birth as Vamana for Kashyap and Aditi.

Payovrata for Santana Prapthi by Goddess Aditi

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