Vrata or Vrat

Vrata or Vrat is a Sanskrit word which literally means “religious vow or holy practice”. Vrata is usually practiced with prayers seeking good health fertility, long life or happiness. During vrat people chant mantras, read religious books, hear disclosures, or take silent meditation. Non vegetarian foods are avoided. Vrata is a popular practice in not only Hinduism but also Buddism and Jainism.

Hindu puranas mainly refers to 3 different types of vratas

1) Kayika-vrata - Vrata relating to the body. Physical austerity like fasting is given more importance.

2) Vachika-vrata - Vrata relating to speech. In this type of vrata importance is given to reciting the scriptures and speaking only truth.

3) Manasa-vrata - Vrata relating to the mind. The importance here is controlling ones thoughts and passions.

Vrata or Vrat

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